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HARI  NXaXtAN  SIKH  OF HXTHBAS.                                       19
landed estate* lying in the districts of Mathura and Bulandshahr, and was also
honoured with the title of Raja; the sanad, sigped by Lord Canning, being
dated the 25th of June, 1858.
Raja Gobind Sinh was connected by marriage with the head of the Jat
clan ; his wife, a daughter of Chaudhari Charan Sinh, being sister to Chaudhari
Ratan Sinh? the maternal uncle of Maharaja Jasvant Sinh of Bhurat-pur,
This lady, the Rani Sahib Kunvar, is still living and manages her estate with
much ability and discretion through the ageucy of Pandit Chitar Sinh, a very
old friend of the family. At the time of her husband's decease in 1861, there
was an infant son, but he died very soon after the father. As this event had
been anticipated, the Raja had authorized his widow to adopt a son, and she
selected for the purpose Hari Naniyan Sinh, bom in 1863, the son of Thakux
Rup Sinh of Jatoi, a descendant, as was also Raja Gobind Sinh himself, of
Thakur Nand Ram's younger son, Jai Sinh. This adoption was opposed by
Kesri Sinh, the son of Nek Ram, who was the illegitimate offspring of Thakur
Daya Ram. But the claim that lie advanced on behalf of his own sons, Sher
Sinh and Balavant Sinh, was rejected by the Judge of Agra in his order dated
November, 1872, and his view of the case was- afterwards upheld by the High
Court on appeal. At the Delhi Assemblage of the 1st of January, 1877, in
honour of Her Majesty's assumption of the Imperial title, RAja Gobind Sinh's
title was formally continued to Hari Narayan Sinh for life. He resides with
his mother, the Rani Sahib Kunvar, at Brinda-ban, where he has a handsome
house on the bank of the Jamumi, opposite the Kesi ghat, and here, ort the occa-
sion of his marriage in February, 1877, he gave a grand entertainment to all
the European residents of the station, including the officers of the Xth Royal
Hussars. Though only 14 years of age, he played his part of host with perfect
propriety and good breeding—taking a lady into dinner, sitting at the head
of his table—though, of course, not eating anything—and making a little speeeh
to return thanks after his health had been proposed.
The only Muhammadan family of any importance is tbe one seated at
Sa'dabad. This is a branch of the Lal-Khaai stock, which musters strongest in,
the Bulandshah-r district, where several of its members are persons of high dis-
tinction and own very large estates.
* The estate consists—lit, ol the *amin&ari of the township of Kol and some shops and gar-
<*ei)LB at Hatbraa, valued at Ea. 3,000 j todly, ol eight confiscated Gujar villages In the &hh&ti and
Kosi parganas of the Mafchuri district, now assessed afc ovsr Bt, 10,000; aa<! Sidiy, ©I fir®
Tillages in the Bulandshahr district, assessed, at Ba. 7«®Q®.